Inox Silver electronic wine aerator and decanter


Inox Silver electronic wine aerator and decanter

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Décanteur électrique premium
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State-of-the-art aeration and decanting of red wine

The silver-colored stainless steel electronic wine aerator revolutionizes the art of red wine tasting.

Thanks to its innovative technology, it allows the instant aeration and decantation of wine , thus revealing its most subtle aromas and flavors.

Installed directly on the neck of a bottle, it offers simplified use for an optimal tasting experience.

Simplified use for a flawless taste experience

This electronic wine aerator stands out for its ease of use. Simply install the absorption rod on the aerator, dip it into the wine bottle, then press the activation button to start aeration and decanting.

In addition, the pouring spout of the aerator is positioned at the height of a wine glass, allowing simplified and precise serving, without the risk of spilling a drop.

Added to its simplified use, its maintenance is also simplified. A splash of water is enough to clean it of red wine residue which may remain within the absorption and aeration mechanism.

Elegant design and cutting-edge technology

With its silver-colored stainless steel design, this electronic wine aerator combines elegance and modernity. It is supplied with a charging cable, guaranteeing uninterrupted use for your wine tastings.

Its sophisticated look and cutting-edge technology make it an essential wine accessory for all lovers of a good bottle of red wine.

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How to use an electronic wine decanter?

Using the electric wine decanter is very simple. Simply immerse the aeration rod in your bottle of red wine, position the electronic aerator on the neck of your bottle and carry out electric decanting in 1 click.

Discover the use of our electronic wine aerator in video 👇


A passionate team

Electronic wine decanter: FAQ

Nothing's easier. To use an electric wine decanter , simply plug it in via the available power cord, put in the pressure rod and press the operation button.

For more information on using the electric aerator, watch the video above.

Using an electronic wine decanter helps soften the wine and enhance the different flavors that can be found in each bottle of red wine.

The purpose of using an electronic wine decanter is to make your wine taste better .

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