Black electronic wine decanter


Black electronic wine decanter

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Oxygène le vin instantanément
Sublime les arômes
Utilisation simplifiée

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Enhance your favorite wine with an electronic wine decanter.

The electronic wine aerator is intended to be very effective in oxygenating red wine. To take advantage of its characteristics and get the best from your wine, all you need to do is add the wine accessory to the neck of your bottle, then press the button to decant the wine.

The black electronic wine aerator is intended to have a very elegant design. In a metallic gray color that will not leave you indifferent, this electronic wine decanter can be used for any type of red wine.

Also, white wine can be used. This will remove carbon dioxide from your white.

The electronic aerator has a metal rod allowing decantation. This draws the wine from the very heart of the bottle, sucks it in and injects oxygen into the very heart of the tannins of your red wine.

The Black electronic wine decanter offers optimal aeration of your wine thanks to its electric aerator. In just a few minutes, it transforms the wine and releases its subtle aromas and rich texture. The wine is thus more fragrant and tastier.

To go further, ADV also offers you an electric wine aerator . You can also discover our entire collection of red wine aerators .

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