Decanter - Vinty

Decanter - Vinty
Decanter - Vinty
Decanter - Vinty

Decanter - Vinty

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Décanteur de vin rouge
Bonifie le vin
Design moderne

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Take full advantage of the aromas of your wine.

The Vinty decanter, the elegant one

Elegant, sublime, many terms can designate our splendid Vinty decanter.

The presence of a bunch of grapes at the foot of the decanter adds a touch of originality and contextualizes the use of Vinty. This also added character to this exceptional decanter.

Appreciated for its main purpose which is decanting, Vinty is a wine carafe allowing progressive aeration thanks to its narrow and elongated entrance.

The red wine deposits separate from the liquid. Thus, you obtain a wine purified of its impurities and can appreciate all of its sublimated flavors.

Spend unforgettable moments during exceptional tastings thanks to our Vinty decanter.

The Vinty wine carafe, the marriage between beauty and functionality

Vinty, our decanter, is a design marvel that combines elegance and utility. Its unique design, enriched by a bunch of grapes sculpted at its foot, reinforces its character and recalls the very essence of its use.

Vinty is a decanter that is not just useful, it is also an art object that adds undeniable charm to any tasting table.

A design designed for optimal aeration of wine

The Vinty decanter is designed to promote gradual aeration of the wine. Thanks to its narrow and elongated neck, oxygenation of the wine is facilitated, thus allowing better expression of aromas.

Decanting also separates the deposits from the wine, offering you a pure and refined tasting experience.

The importance of the decanter: a question of oxygenation and decantation

The Vinty decanter is not just a decorative object, it is an essential tool for any wine lover.

In fact, its use allows the wine to be oxygenated, which has the effect of releasing its aromas and softening its tannins.

In addition, decanting allows the wine to be separated from its deposits, thus improving the clarity and purity of the wine served. Thanks to the Vinty decanter, each tasting becomes a rich and memorable sensory experience.

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