Original decanter - Triangolo

Original decanter - Triangolo
Original decanter - Triangolo
Original decanter - Triangolo

Original decanter - Triangolo

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Oxygène le vin instantanément
Sublime les arômes
Utilisation simplifiée

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Take full advantage of the aromas of your wine.

Features of the Triangolo wine carafe

Material: lead-free crystal glass
Capacity: 750ml
Size: 27cm*14cm
Weight: about 450g

The Triangolo decanter, original and contemporary

Do you want to opt for an original wine carafe ? The triangolo is the wine carafe you need!

With a refined, original design , this carafe for decanting red wine is an exceptional accessory.

Our Triangolo carafe promotes aeration thanks to its 2 openings and allows visible decantation thanks to its transparent walls.

A true 2 in 1 carafe, this one is also an original accessory for interior decoration. Whether it is a cellar, a bar or even a kitchen, our Triangolo wine carafe will allow you to create warm and friendly atmospheres.

Its format allows the decanting of an entire bottle of red wine . You will be able to enjoy a red wine without deposits and enjoy the best that your favorite wine has to offer.

The Triangolo wine carafe, a fusion of simplicity and sophistication

With the Triangolo decanter, bring a touch of modernity to your table. Its sleek and innovative design makes it a true object of art that is sure to attract attention.

Made of lead-free crystal glass, this carafe is not only durable but also safe for daily use. Its compact size of 27 cm * 14 cm and its weight of 450g make it easy to handle.

A multifunctional wine accessory for an optimal tasting experience

Beyond its aesthetic appearance, the Triangolo decanter is above all an exceptional tasting tool.

Its double opening promotes optimal aeration of the wine, thus revealing its entire aromatic palette.

In addition, its 750ml capacity allows the decanting of an entire bottle of red wine, ensuring a deposit-free and intensely flavorful tasting.

Why use the Triangolo decanter?

Using the Triangolo decanter brings real added value to your tasting moments.

In fact, decanting eliminates the sediment present in the wine, thus offering a purer tasting experience.

Furthermore, the progressive aeration offered by this carafe allows the aromas of the wine to be released, thus enriching your sensory experience.

Whether you are a novice or experienced wine lover, the Triangolo decanter is the accessory that will take your wine tasting moments to the next level.

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