Decanter - Spirlio

Decanter - Spirlio

Decanter - Spirlio

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Oxygène le vin instantanément
Sublime les arômes
Utilisation simplifiée

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Take full advantage of the aromas of your wine.

Our splendid Spirlio wine decanter will allow you to simplify decanting.

Thanks to the handle integrated into the carafe, you can also serve your guests with great ease. Its modern design and voluptuous shapes make this wine carafe a classic that anyone who appreciates wine must have.

Its capacity will allow the decanting of a bottle of red wine . Add the contents of your bottle and let the magic happen!

Its elongated design and narrowness will promote slow and progressive ventilation. This way, you can add body and flavors to a young red wine. While being able to directly serve your guests when opening an older red wine.

Spirlio, the decanter with meticulous details

The Spirlio decanter, with its modern silhouette and voluptuous curves, is the perfect illustration of the harmony between functionality and aesthetics.

Its integrated handle is a guarantee of comfort and ease when serving, making it a must-have for wine lovers.

Thanks to its original design, the Spirlio wine carafe is much more than a simple container: it is a real decorative object that will bring a touch of elegance to your table.

A capacity suitable for all your bottles of red wine

The Spirlio decanter has been designed to accommodate the capacity of a standard bottle of wine. All you have to do is pour your wine in for the decanting process to begin. Let yourself be surprised by the transformation of your wine, which will reveal its most subtle aromas thanks to this carafe.

The importance of aeration and decantation for your wine

The Spirlio decanter offers much more than its visual beauty. It plays a crucial role in the aeration and decantation of your wine.

Thanks to its elongated and narrow shape, the oxygenation of the wine is slow and progressive, allowing a young wine to develop its body and flavors.

Furthermore, decanting separates the wine from its deposits, offering a purer and more pleasant tasting experience.

Whether you want to serve an aged wine or a young wine, the Spirlio wine carafe is the essential tool to optimize your tasting experience.

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