Decanter - Montagna

Decanter - Montagna
Decanter - Montagna
Decanter - Montagna

Decanter - Montagna

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Oxygène le vin instantanément
Sublime les arômes
Utilisation simplifiée

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Take full advantage of the aromas of your wine.

Features of the Montagna wine carafe

Material: lead-free crystal glass
Capacity: 1000ml
Size: 29cm*11cm*6cm
Weight: about 800g

Montagna, the chic wine carafe

Enhance each aroma of your favorite red wine with our Montagna wine carafe. Carry out a natural and gradual decantation of your favorite wine while enjoying the chic and elegant aesthetics of this splendid decanter.

With a high-quality design, this decanter will accompany you for many years and will help you discover the fruity and woody flavors of many red wines.

The Montagna wine carafe will allow you to enhance your wine by separating the liquid from its deposits. You will be able to enjoy the best of your wine, spend pleasant moments, alone or accompanied.

A decanter made to last

With Montagna, discover a wine carafe made to withstand time. Its lead-free crystal glass material gives it undeniable robustness while preserving the purity of your wines.

This crystal glass, translucent and resistant, allows both a dazzling presentation of your wine and exceptional durability. Able to hold up to 1000ml, it is ideal for tasting a bottle of wine.

A discreet and elegant wine carafe thanks to its compact format

Despite its weight of 800g, the Montagna wine carafe offers an elegant silhouette and minimal bulk. Measuring 29 cm in height, 11 cm in width and 6 cm in depth, it will find its place on the most sophisticated tables without ever appearing bulky.

Its graceful line, balanced by its solid base, makes this carafe an object as functional as it is aesthetic. Montagna is the assurance of a refined tasting in an object of timeless beauty.

Montagna, the ideal decanter for aerating and decanting your red wine

The Montagna wine carafe is not just an elegant decorative object, it plays a central role in the tasting of your wine. Designed to facilitate the aeration and decantation of your wine, it helps to reveal its full aromatic palette.

By gently pouring your wine into the carafe, the oxygen in the air mixes with the wine, allowing the aromas often trapped in the tannins to be released.

In addition, the decantation carried out by the Montagna decanter allows the wine to be separated from its deposits, to only taste the best. Thanks to its flared shape, the wine flows slowly along the walls, providing maximum contact surface with the air.

This interaction allows you to enhance every nuance of your wine, from the most subtle notes to the deepest flavors. With our Montagna wine carafe, each tasting becomes a unique sensory experience.

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