Decanter - Mizio

Decanter - Mizio
Decanter - Mizio
Decanter - Mizio

Decanter - Mizio

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Oxygène le vin instantanément
Sublime les arômes
Utilisation simplifiée

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Take full advantage of the aromas of your wine.

Features of the Mizio wine carafe

Material: lead-free glass
Capacity: 1000ml

Dimensions: 25cm * 11cm * 5cm
Weight: 600g

Mizio decanter, practical and sophisticated

Our splendid wine decanter will allow you to savor your favorite wine and discover new ones with great ease.

Equipped with a large capacity, you can pour all of your bottles into it to enjoy complete decantation. The wine, after decanting, is cleaned of all its impurities, thus offering all the best it has.

Equipped with a pouring spout for ease of use, our Mizio wine carafe is ideal for serving red wine while preventing drops from falling on a tablecloth or furniture.

Added to this, the Mizio decanting carafe will allow gradual aeration of the wine that you have added to it. Aeration after decanting will vary depending on the age and maturity of your red wine. We recommend slow decanting for young wines and very rapid aeration for more mature wines.

Made from blown glass, you will be able to see the shades of your wine through this decanter. You can also watch the decanting process take place.

With a beautiful finish, the Mizio wine carafe can be an accessory that enhances your interior, whether it is a living room, a bar, a wine cellar or any other living room.

A lead-free material to preserve the quality of your wine

The Mizio decanter is made of lead-free glass, ensuring the aromas and flavors of your wine are preserved during decanting. This allows you to enjoy your favorite bottle of red wine in complete safety.

This high-end material guarantees the longevity of the carafe and the quality of your tasting. With a capacity of 1000 ml and a weight of 600 g, it is perfect for sharing and enjoying your wine peacefully.

A compact decanter

Measuring 25 cm high, 11 cm wide and 5 cm deep, the Mizio decanter combines aesthetics and functionality. Its reduced size makes it easy to fit on your table and store in your living space. Its elegant appearance and meticulous finish make it a decorative object that will beautify your living room, your bar or any room where you like to enjoy your wine.

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