Decanter - Foro

Decanter - Foro
Decanter - Foro
Decanter - Foro

Decanter - Foro

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Décanteur de vin rouge
Bonifie le vin
Design moderne

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Take full advantage of the aromas of your wine.

Characteristics of the Foro wine carafe

Material: lead-free crystal glass
Capacity: 1150ml
Size: 35cm*14cm*10cm

The Foro decanter, elegant and modern

Featuring a splendid design, our Foro wine carafe is not just a decanter. Our carafe is also a chic, elegant wine accessory, which will add a touch of decoration to a living room, a cellar, a bar as well as a lounge.

The hole in the middle of the Foro carafe adds a touch of originality to this accessory. Also, the decorative hole gives you an original grip that encourages the use of the decanter. You will be able to serve your guests, friends, colleagues or clients with great elegance.

Thanks to its slender shape, the Foro carafe allows slow and progressive aeration of the wine. Therefore, it will be perfect for wines aged 0 to 10 years. The oxygenation will be gradual and will not alter the taste and flavors of your wine.

With a large capacity, you can easily pour your entire bottle of red wine in order to decant it. This will happen naturally and you will be able to observe it thanks to the transparent glass with which our Foro wine carafe, designed in blown glass, is fitted.

The Foro wine carafe, a marriage of style and suitable capacity

The Foro wine carafe is an essential accessory for wine enthusiasts. It offers a capacity of 1150 ml and dimensions of 35 cm in height, 14 cm in width and 10 cm in depth, allowing it to accommodate a bottle of wine while ensuring sufficient space for effective aeration and decantation.

Its refined and sober design makes this carafe an elegant decorative element for your table, and its practical size makes it easy to use during your tasting moments.

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