Decanter - Coda

Decanter - Coda
Decanter - Coda

Decanter - Coda

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Décanteur de vin rouge
Bonifie le vin
Design moderne

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Take full advantage of the aromas of your wine.

Features of the Coda wine carafe

Material: lead-free crystal glass
Capacity: 1500ml
Size: 35cm*22cm

A decanter combining elegance and functionality

The Coda decanter is an essential oenological accessory for red wine lovers and professionals in the wine sector. Its clean and elegant design makes it a refined decorative object for your table. It allows the aeration and gradual decantation of red wine, allowing all of its aromas and flavors to be revealed.

Quality and capacity adapted to the needs of wine lovers

Made from quality glass, the Coda decanter ensures an optimal tasting experience. Its 1.5 liter capacity can accommodate a standard bottle of wine with enough space to ensure effective aeration and decanting. The quality of the glass guarantees the durability of the carafe, making it ideal for regular use.

Clever design for perfect service

The Coda decanter has two specific tips to make serving wine easier. On the one hand, a tip is designed to facilitate the addition of wine into the carafe, allowing for smooth, splash-free pouring. Furthermore, a second tip is specially designed to pour the wine into the glasses while avoiding unwanted drops. These features make the Coda decanter an ideal choice for wine lovers looking for a practical and aesthetic accessory.

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Decanter - Coda

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