NewGen Wine Aerator

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NewGen Wine Aerator

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Oxygène le vin instantanément
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NewGen: The electric aerator that improves your wine tasting

In the world of wine tasting, every detail counts. This is where the NewGen Electric Wine Aerator comes in. With its bold color, a mix of vibrant purple and chic black, NewGen does not go unnoticed. More than just a gadget, this compact accessory is a real asset for all wine lovers. With just one click, it aerates your wine, releasing all its aromatic richness. Even if it does not decant the wine, its role is essential: it speeds up the wine aeration process, which is often too long when done naturally using a decanter.

A compact design serving flavors

Simplicity is the key word of the NewGen. To use it, simply insert the stem of the device into the wine bottle and position the NewGen on the neck. A single click is then enough to aerate the wine. This ease of use is coupled with a compact design that makes it easy to store and transport. You can therefore take your NewGen aerator everywhere with you, for optimal tasting wherever you are: an evening with friends, a tasting at an event or a professional tasting.

Customization of aeration for a tailor-made tasting

One of the most notable features of the NewGen is its ability to adjust the ventilation level according to your preferences. Whether you prefer a wine that is lightly aerated (equivalent to 1-3 hours of natural aeration), moderately aerated (equivalent to 3-6 hours of natural aeration) or highly aerated (equivalent to 6-9 hours of natural aeration), the NewGen aerator meets all your needs. It is the ideal wine accessory to discover new facets of your favorite reds and enjoy exploring the complexities of their aromas.

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