BlackStar Electric Wine Aerator

aérateur de vin électrique noir
aérateur de vin électrique noir
aérateur de vin électrique noir

BlackStar Electric Wine Aerator

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Oxygène le vin instantanément
Sublime les arômes
Utilisation simplifiée

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BlackStar, the ergonomic electric wine aerator

The BlackStar wine aerator is not just a simple wine oxygenator. Combining modernity, simplicity and ergonomics, it will adapt to each of your tastings. Its black color gives a sophisticated air and its ergonomic design fits the shape of a hand for comfortable and effortless use. With its integrated pour spout, the BlackStar guarantees clean, drip-free pouring for the perfect red and white wine tasting experience.

An easy-to-use, beautiful and quality wine aerator

The BlackStar Electric Wine Aerator only requires a simple press of its main button to begin aeration. Simply position the aerator stem in the bottle and attach it to the neck. Its integrated on-off mode ensures secure use, making it a device that is as practical as it is reassuring. Our electric wine aerator combines many advantages and functionalities in a single wine accessory. Among these advantages is instant ventilation. Press the operating button to benefit from immediate oxygenation, whereas a wine carafe requires up to several hours to obtain optimal aeration.

Wine preservation, an essential feature of our BlackStar aerator

A notable advantage of the BlackStar is its integrated wine storage cap. In addition to promoting the aeration of the wine, it also helps you preserve the aromas and flavors of uneaten wine. This means that you can enjoy your wine at your own pace, without fear of losing the taste qualities of your bottle. The BlackStar aerator is a true accessory for wine lovers who want to get the most out of each bottle. It will also be suitable for professionals who want to benefit from instant and immediate ventilation.

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