Auto Sensing Wine Aerator

aérateur de vin noir à détection automatique

Auto Sensing Wine Aerator

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Oxygène le vin instantanément
Sublime les arômes
Utilisation simplifiée

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A refined wine aerator with an automatic glass sensor

Sometimes the best innovations are those that simplify the pleasures of life. The Automatic Glass Sensor Electric Wine Aerator is a perfect example. Resembling a mixer tap, it comes with a refined design in gold and black color. In a simple action, pressing the main button, it aerates the wine, thus intensifying the aromas of each bottle.

The best of every wine, in an instant

Using this aerator is disconcertingly simple: simply place it on the neck of your bottle of red wine, then place your glass under the pour spout. Thanks to its automatic glass detector, the aerator will turn on and dispense the aerated wine directly into your glass. Pressing the button stops serving, allowing you to control the amount of wine served.

Innovative technology at an affordable price

This wine aerator features cutting-edge technology, bringing a modern twist to the tradition of wine tasting. But the most surprising thing is that this revolutionary device is available for less than €50, making innovation accessible to everyone.

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