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    What is a wine decanter?

    A wine carafe is a designer accessory in crystal or glass allowing you to separate wine from its unwanted deposits.

    The wine carafe allows you to decant red wine . This process produces a purified and enhanced red wine.

    Sediments are solid particles that form naturally during the aging process of wine and can alter its taste if consumed.

    The wine carafe is a wine accessory that every wine lover must have. However, its price will be higher than a simple wine aerator . Depending on your consumption and your passion for wine, it may be interesting to choose a wine decanter or a wine aerator.

    aerateur de vin adv
    aerateur de vin adv

    ADV wine aerator

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    Portable Wine Aerator

    aerateur de vin aveine original
    aerateur de vin aveine original

    Aérateur de vin connecté Aveine Original

    aerateur de vin aveine essentiel
    aerateur de vin aveine essentiel

    Aérateur de vin connecté Aveine Essentiel


    Inox Silver electronic wine aerator and decanter


    What is wine decanting?

    Wine decanting is a process that frees red wine in a bottle from its impurities.

    Decantation corresponds to the separation of the liquid, the tannic deposit which can accumulate at the bottom of the wine bottle. This allows you to enjoy your favorite bottle of wine without residue.

    Initially, decantation was a technique used by alchemists. This technique aims to use pure liquid only, separating this liquid from the residues that may be associated with it.

    Decantation should not be confused with aeration. These are 2 different processes, which aim to savor a sublimated wine.

    In the study of wine, which is also called Oenology, aeration and decantation can be compared to putting red wine in a carafe. However, decantation does not necessarily mean aeration. Where aeration, as its name suggests, consists of blowing air into the heart of the tannins of the wine to aerate it and bring out its fruity and woody aromas.

    The advantages of a wine decanter

    A decanter is an accessory that every wine lover must have. This will allow wine to be decanted and aerated, while being an elegant and chic decorative accessory.

    The wine carafe can be placed in a living room, a kitchen or even a dining room. Made from blown glass, the decanter becomes a trendy decorative accessory that will wonderfully decorate a living room.

    Added to this decorative aspect, the wine carafe will allow red wine to be decanted. The decanting process will soften the wine, eliminate residues and impurities, while revealing the aromas and flavors thanks to aeration.

    This aeration process can be done using specialized accessories such as wine aerators. Ventilation will be instantaneous with these accessories. This equipment infuses oxygen into the very heart of the wine as soon as it passes through the aerator.

    As for wine carafes, oxygenation is slower, it will be necessary to prepare aeration in advance. For example, if you have an evening planned, add your wine to the decanter in the morning. These few hours will allow your red wine to aerate, oxygenate and become softer and more flavorful.

    How to choose your decanter?

    There are several types of carafes for decanting wine. You can find some with a pouring spout, others with integrated wine aerators, others, more original, with atypical shapes and design.

    Some decanters may resemble porrons, a type of pitcher used in Spain for drinking wine.

    Generally speaking, you will need to opt for a carafe with an integrated aerator if you want to benefit from immediate oxygenation of the wine. If you are not in a hurry, a carafe without an aerator, but which has a design that you like, will be preferred.

    This 2nd category of carafe will allow you to benefit from an elegant wine accessory which will also serve as a decorative accessory in a wine cellar, in a professional workshop or simply at home.

    Also, the opening of the carafe must be taken into account. The wider it is, the more aeration of the wine will be important and therefore rapid. On the contrary, to have slow and controlled oxygenation, you will need to choose a narrow wine carafe.

    carafe a decanter

    How long should it take to aerate wine with a decanter?

    The duration of aeration of the wine using a decanter will depend on your wine.

    As a general rule, we can use a descending order: the younger your wine is, the longer the aeration will take. The older your wine is, the shorter the aeration will be.

    For a wine less than 5 years old, encourage aeration in a decanter for up to 4 hours. This duration will allow your red wine to take in enough oxygen to reveal its different fruity flavors.

    For a wine aged 6 to 10 years, 2 hours of aeration in a decanter will be enough.

    For an older wine, which may have matured in a cellar, aeration is not necessary. Aeration would be likely to deteriorate its taste and flavors. It is recommended to consume it immediately after decanting. Obviously the decantation must be as gentle as possible.