Why should red wine be aerated?

why aerate red wine

Aeration of wine is recommended and appreciated by lovers of good wine, as well as by professionals. This can be done using a wine aerator . However, what is the point of aerating wine and is it really necessary? Let's tackle the subject together!

What is the point of aerating red wine?

Aeration of red wine and aeration of white wine has many advantages. Indeed, this process will make it possible to oxygenate the wine, that is to say, to breathe oxygen into the very heart of the tannins present in red wine.

Aerating wine will have different effects whether it is a red wine or a white wine. However, aeration of wine should not be confused with decanting red wine .

Why aerate red wine?

The main reason that can push us to aerate wine is its enhancement. In fact, aerating red wine will help develop its aromas and intensify its fruity or woody flavors . Aerating a red wine allows you to enhance it by awakening all of its flavors.

Aeration is therefore very often used by professionals who work in the wine sector, but wine lovers who enjoy tasting a good red wine are also used to using an aerator.

Aeration of red wine will make it possible to obtain a better quality liquid, with enhanced aromas. Oxygenating your wine will allow you to improve it and enjoy all of its flavors.

To summarize, aerating red wine will:

  • enhance the aromas of the wine
  • intensify its flavors
  • make red wine better

What is the ideal aeration time for red wine?

The amount of time a wine takes to aerate varies depending on the type of wine you are consuming. A red wine will need more time than a white wine.

Aeration time for red wine

The aeration of red wines depends on one main criterion: its age. In fact, the younger a red wine is, the more it will be necessary to aerate it.

For a young red wine, aeration can last from 30 minutes to several hours . The average aeration of red wines is 2 to 3 hours .

For older red wines, it is recommended not to aerate them . A red wine improves with time, aerating it could risk altering its flavors and spoiling the maturation work that has been carried out.

When you use a connected aerator allowing you to vary the level of oxygenation, you will need to take care to adapt this duration to the age of your wine. In fact, the accessory can allow aeration for up to 24 hours, an aeration that should definitely not be used for an old wine.

How long a wine is allowed to aerate depends on whether it is white or red. For a white, the aeration time will be 10 to 30 minutes. For a red wine, the aeration time will be 30 minutes to 3 hours .

Note that the older the red wine, the less it will need to be aerated, the younger it is, the more it will need to be aerated.

We also advise you not to aerate an aged wine. This could harm its aromas as well as the work carried out by the wine merchant.

How to aerate red wine?

To aerate the wine, nothing too complicated, you just need to have wine accessories called aerator, wine oxygenator or even decanter .

Among these accessories, there are manual wine aerators, electric and connected wine aerators and even wine carafes.

For manual or electric wine aerators, simply add them to the neck of your wine bottle. When you serve your red or white wine, oxygen will be directly injected into the very heart of the tannins of your wine. Aeration will be instantaneous.

As for wine carafes, aeration will be natural and longer. It can last from 30 minutes to several hours. You will need to adapt this duration to your wine in order to obtain suitable oxygenation.

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