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Original and designer decanter, our selection.

original decanter

Are you looking for original and designer decanter carafes to enjoy a purified and enhanced red wine? Discover our X wine carafes that can be used for decanting as well as wine accessories.

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  • The Ghiaccio designer wine carafe
  • Triangolo, the original and unique decanter
  • Inclinata, the designer wine carafe
  • Vinty, the original and elegant decanter
  • How to choose a decanter?

The original and designer Ghiaccio wine carafe

original wine carafe

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The original and modern Ghiaccio wine decanter is a must-have wine accessory for all wine lovers looking to add a touch of style and elegance to their collection. It stands out for its innovative and bold design which fits perfectly into all modern interiors.

This wine decanter is made from high-quality glass, giving it an elegant and refined appearance. It is also ideal for maintaining the temperature of the wine, which is essential to appreciate all the aromas and flavors.

The pouring spout of this carafe is designed to diffuse air into the wine while pouring it, which helps release the aromas and reveal all the subtleties of the wine. This makes every sip of wine even more pleasant and tasty.

Finally, this designer and modern wine carafe is very easy to use and maintain. It is perfect for romantic dinners, evenings with friends or special occasions where you want to savor a good wine. So, don't hesitate to invest in this decanter to further enhance your wine tasting experience.

Triangolo, the original and unique decanter

original wine decanter

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A Triangolo wine decanter, original in the shape of a triangle, is a unique and decorative piece that will highlight any bottle of wine. Made from high quality glass, this carafe has an innovative and bold design that will catch everyone's eye.

The triangular shape of this wine carafe makes it easy to hold and pour wine precisely and without mess. It is also ideal for serving red and white wines at the ideal temperature, thanks to its temperature retention capacity.

The clear glass of this decanter allows you to see the wine inside and appreciate it in all its beauty. You will thus be able to savor each sip of wine with even more pleasure and sensuality.

This triangle-shaped wine decanter will be the ideal choice for all wine lovers looking to add a touch of modernity and sophistication to their collection. It will also be an appreciated gift for any occasion.

Inclinata, the wine carafe with an original design

original red wine carafe

Our Inclinata decanter lives up to its name. Indeed, its modern, elegant and original design gives it an undeniable charm.

The design of this wine carafe will allow you to decant your red wine while using the carafe as a real decorative accessory in a living room or kitchen.

This wine carafe allows the decanting of an entire bottle of red wine. With its glass design, you will be able to observe the decantation taking place.

This wine carafe will also allow gradual aeration of the red wine. Ventilation will happen naturally. If a cork is added to the neck of the Inclinata carafe during decanting, aeration can take place when serving the wine. For this, the use of a wine aerator may be recommended.

Simple to maintain and easy to clean, this original carafe will suit anyone wishing to enjoy a good, enhanced and purified drink.

Vinty, the original and elegant decanter

Designer decanter

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Many laudatory terms can be given to our magnificent Vinty wine carafe.

A bunch of grapes is integrated into the base of the decanter. This design adds a touch of originality to the carafe, making it unique. It also adds character to this exceptional decanter.

Used for decanting red wine, the Vinty carafe also allows gradual aeration thanks to its neck that is neither too narrow nor too wide.

Its voluptuous and slender design allows it to contain a large quantity of red wine, while limiting the supply of oxygen thanks to the upper part of the carafe which is narrower.

The red wine deposits separate from the liquid. Thus, you obtain a wine purified of its impurities and can enjoy a sublimated wine with multiple fruity and woody aromas.

Spend unforgettable moments during exceptional tastings thanks to our Vinty wine carafe.

How to choose an original decanter?

There are many criteria to consider when choosing a decanter. Here are some tips that will help you make the right choice:

  1. Determine your needs : First and foremost, it is important to determine why you need a decanter. If you're simply looking to aerate your wine before serving, a simple decanter will do the trick. If you want to separate the sediment from the wine, opt for a decanter with a built-in filter.
  2. Choose the material : There are many different materials for decanters, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Glass is the most popular and elegant material, but it is also the most fragile. Ceramic is also an interesting option, because it maintains the temperature of the wine well and is more resistant than glass.
  3. Opt for an original design : for an original decanter, you can opt for an innovative and bold design. For example, you can choose a decanter in the shape of a heart or a teardrop. Just make sure the design doesn't compromise the functionality of the carafe.
  4. Consider capacity : if you are used to tasting large quantities of wine, opt for a large capacity decanter.

By following these tips, you should be able to find a decanter that meets all your needs and will fit seamlessly into your wine collection.