aerateur de vin adv
aerateur de vin adv

ADV wine aerator

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Portable Wine Aerator

aerateur de vin aveine original
aerateur de vin aveine original

Aérateur de vin connecté Aveine Original

aerateur de vin aveine essentiel
aerateur de vin aveine essentiel

Aérateur de vin connecté Aveine Essentiel


Inox Silver electronic wine aerator and decanter


Wine decanter stopper, our selection

wine decanter stopper

A decanter stopper is an accessory that will allow you to enhance your red wine thanks to a wine aeration system, it is in a way a wine aerator . Thanks to this cap, air will be blown into the very heart of the liquid, thus enhancing the fruity and woody aromas that can be found there.

Decanter caps by ADV

Are you looking for a decanter stopper to aerate, enhance and enjoy your favorite red wine? Discover the selection of caps specially designed for decanting made by ADV.

The best decanter caps

ADV decanter cap

ADV decanter cap

Discover the wine decanter stopper

The ADV decanter stopper is an essential accessory for wine lovers.

Designed with top quality materials, it allows you to easily decant and aerate your red wines and allow them to breathe before serving them. It is an excellent wine oxygenator .

The patented air decantation system ensures better aeration of the wine, thus improving the aromas and flavors of both red and white wine.

This decanter stopper is easy to use, simple to clean and can be used for all types of bottles. Simply place it on the neck of your wine bottle, serve your wine and enjoy.

Add this decanter stopper to your collection of wine tasting accessories for an optimal tasting experience with friends, family or alone.

Electronic decanter cap

electronic decanter cap

Discover the electronic decanter cap

The electronic decanter stopper is the essential accessory for wine lovers who want to improve the aroma and taste of their red wines.

Thanks to its instant oxygenation system, it makes it easy to improve your wines and allow them to breathe before serving them.

Designed with a splendid finish, its use and maintenance are intended to be extremely simple.

This splendid decanting stopper will allow you to savor exceptional wines in the best possible way, while allowing you to rediscover your much-loved wines.

Portable decanter cap

Discover the portable decanter cap

The portable decanter stopper is an innovative wine tasting accessory that optimizes the aromas and flavors of your red wines by allowing them to breathe before serving.

It features a patented air decanting system that facilitates the decanting process and is made with premium materials for long-lasting use.

This decanter stopper is easy to use, simple to clean and suitable for all types of bottles. Generally all decanter stoppers are able to adapt to the shape of a wine bottle.

This decanter stopper is a very good investment for all people who enjoy tasting and discovering new aromas through bottles of red wine.

How to use a decanter cap?

The decanter stopper is an essential tool for red wine lovers who want to enhance their tasting experience.

This equipment allows the wine to be decanted before serving it by offering it instant oxygenation, while allowing the aromas and flavors to be enhanced. There are different types of decanter caps, such as electric, connected or on-off caps.

Before you start using your decanter, you need to make sure that your wine is ready to serve, that is, it is at an ideal temperature.

Next, remove the cork from the wine bottle and insert the decanter in its place. If you have an electric or electronic decanter, it may be necessary to insert an absorption rod into the bottle in order to draw the red wine and transfer it to the aerator-decanter.

You can then serve your wine, the cork will only draw out the liquid while inserting oxygen. You will notice that the wine smells and tastes better.

In summary, using a decanter stopper is an easy and effective way to enhance the tasting experience of your red wines. There are different stoppers and these can allow aeration of the wine while promoting its decantation.

However, it is important to specify that decantation corresponds to the separation of the wine and its deposits. For optimal decantation, it is necessary to let the wine rest in a wine carafe. The optimal decanting time will depend on your red wine, particularly its age.

Certain caps will allow decantation and aeration, but generally speaking, these accessories will allow simple oxygenation.

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